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Technology Tip Number 180
Life Long Learning is for Everyone



You may have heard the phrase before.  It's the challenge new technology gives to all of us.  The challenge of becoming life long learners.  Hopefully these 180 technology tips are part of your learning, but they certainly can't be the end of it. 

This final technology tip is a reminder to continue learning, experimenting and enjoying new technologies.  Keep searching and exploring the internet, computers, and all the new wonders that they are making possible.

In creating the technology tips the "shotgun approach" was used.  Each tip was only an introduction to more knowledge.  And though not every tip appealed to everyone, some tips did.  Now its time to move to the next level and start learning more about specific areas of technology that are appealing to you.

Below are some links to various other websites and blogs that offer more free technology tips: 

Free Technology for Teachers
This web page was created by Richard Byrne, a former high school social studies teacher and it's a great resource for any educator.

Free Computer Tutorials
This website in the United Kingdom has several specific tutorials for the intermediate to advanced computer user.

Tipline - Gates' Computer Tips
Another great blog of technology tips for teachers by James Gates:  "Each day during the school year I try to send out a computer tip or two.  Please leave a comment to let me know you were here and what you thought of the tip."

This staff development blog was created for teachers at Arapahoe High School in Colorado.  If nothing else, check out his "Did You Know?/Shift Happens" presentation for some prospective on how our world is changing.

Blog created by an Australian high school teacher that offers technology tips as well as resources from various workshops for teachers.  There's also an extensive section about Australian POW's in World War II.

The stated goal of this website is to provide one or two quality tips on how to better use technology in the classroom.  The blog is updated once or twice a week and full of useful and relevant information.  Created by a high school teacher in Kentucky.

Blog for teachers who are interested in educational technology.  Managed by Pete MacKay of Jasper Place High School in Alberta Canada.  Similar to 180techtips.com, this resource sends out daily messages during the school year. 

How Stuff Works
This site has been referenced in other technology tips and its a great resource for learning about anything.

Internet Magic - Free Stuff for Educators
Huge resource for educators created by Patti Tjomsland, a library media specialist with the Bureau of Education & Research.

Dave VanLue’s Web Page for Educators
Purpose: The purpose of selecting this topic is to provide busy teachers a few educational websites that I think are particularly useful and easy to use. There is a wealth of Internet-based teaching resources available at these sites.

Free Microsoft Office Training Online
This is the official training website from the Microsoft corporation for their software.  It's probably the best resource for all their newest products too.

Web Resources List
This list was created by a student an education student at California State University - Northridge.  It is a printable Word Document but you can also click on the links to view the websites.

Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers
A great list of online resources for educators.  Full of useful links that can help any teacher to become more technology savvy.

180techtips.com Articles
As part of the 180techtips.com website we have a collection of articles you might want to check out.

Free Quotes Slides
Need a quote for your next slide show?  Why not try adding a quote from this list of free ones!

Scholastic's Top 20 Teacher Blogs
You can find all kids of inspirationsin this continually updated list of teacher blogs from a familiar name teacher's trust: Scholastic Magazine

The Edublog Awards
Nominated and selected by teachers, this world-wide list of award winning blogs is also updated annually.

How about creating your own blog?  Why not become more than a consumer of the internet, become a contributor.  It's easy:  https://www.blogger.com/start


PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Technology continues to change and develop.  Use the links above and your own internet searching skills to find new resources to continue your learning.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  Some hint words to help you find additional technology tutorials online:

Free technology tips
Computer tutorials
Life Long Learning


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